Our Mission

The purpose of the Carolina Neuroscience Club is to bring together students who share a common interest in the brain and nervous system. As a club, we will discuss courses, research projects, and other programs related to the exciting field of neuroscience. Members will investigate different approaches and technologies useful to learning about the brain. Throughout the year, we will invite professors and graduate students to speak about topics related to neuroscience, and to explain some of the various opportunities available for pursuing neuroscience after college. The club will also collaborate with other neuroscience related organizations to implement service and awareness projects, such as teaching elementary school students about the brain. Furthermore, the Carolina Neuroscience Club shall continue to be at the front of the push for the establishment of a new academic minor in neuroscience here at UNC. The club will be open to members from every department and will serve any student who is interested in learning about the brain and nervous system.



February 23, 2015

The next CNC meeting of the semester will be held tonight at 7PM in Murphey 202. Tonight’s meeting will be a make-up for the meeting cancelled last week. This will be the third and final meeting of the “Molecular Neuroscience” theme, and will be a journal club on the first paper we will be reading this semester, Topoisomerases facilitate transcription of long genes linked to autism, which can be found at this link:


Please bring your laptops!

Please also remember to bring $5 dues tonight! We will be making Executive Officer applications available soon, for which only CNC Representatives can submit. Even if you aren’t current a CNCR, you can apply and be considered if you meet the requirement by the end of the semester (which includes paying membership dues)!

See you there!

CNC meets on a weekly basis on Mondays from 7-8 PM.
See our current semester schedule for more details